E-Commerce 101: Sell Big with Weebly and Square [VIDEO]

Having a strong online presence and utilizing an omnichannel commerce strategy is increasingly important. So whether your business has been around for five months or 50 years, a website can be a key contributor to your success.

To help you get started, Christina Dam, product marketing lead at Square, recently sat down with Vitaly Odemchuk, head of design at Weebly, and Kim Chappell, Weebly’s head of communications, at General Assembly SF to discuss web design and omnichannel best practices.

They were joined by business owners Paige and Chris Curtis of Alibi Interiors and Jeff and Justin Wiguna of Kiju Coffee, who spoke with the crowd about their e-commerce experiences.

During the event they discussed:

  • Best practices for designing a great website, including creating a catchy headline and selecting key visuals for your site
  • How to build a seamless omnichannel strategy
  • How to optimize your marketing practice to save time and stay creative