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Use our Square fees calculator to help you estimate the cost of processing payments in person or remotely.

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Our fees calculator helps you estimate costs for in-person or remote payments. Explore the different payment options below.

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The values displayed are estimations only based on the data you provide and do not constitute an offer or guarantee of any kind. The estimated amount you keep does not include taxes or other deductions.

Custom pricing just for your business.

If you’re processing more than $250,000 every year, we may be able to design custom pricing packages for businesses like yours. Pricing will vary depending on your processing volume, average ticket size, your history as a Square seller, and other factors.

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All-inclusive tools and solutions designed to help you run your business.

Free POS software

Download the free Square POS app—it’s easy to use and set up, giving you everything you need to start selling right away.

Get a free Square Reader

The free Square card reader works with the free Square POS app so you can accept payments on your smartphone or tablet.

PCI compliance

Square is PCI compliant so your business can safely and securely process debit and credit card transactions.

No fees for refunds

When you issue a refund, your customer is refunded their full purchase amount, and you are refunded Square’s processing fee.

Dispute management

Get free dispute management services for chargebacks—we cover the fee for disputes we fight on your behalf.

Fraud prevention

To protect your income, our systems monitor your payments for suspicious transactions, and our team of fraud specialists will reach out if there’s unusual activity.

Advanced reporting tools

Access data and tools from your Square app or Dashboard so you can keep track of your sales and make important business decisions.

Team and inventory management

Square POS makes tracking team hours seamless. Plus, changing and tracking item details like price or quantity is easily managed.

Customer Directory

Keep your customers’ information organized and secure. Use it to send email, make appointments, or send invoices.

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With so many options, finding the right fit for your business can be a challenge. Our Town Square Business Resource Center and Support Center provide all the tips and info you need to run your business.

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