Succeeding in the food and beverage industry requires grit, savviness, and deep community connections. Tipped, a Square podcast, activates those connections by inviting seasoned owners and operators to share how they conquered common industry challenges. Food and beverage business owners at all stages of growth will gain from these veterans’ tips and tales.

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Taking The First Step

For restaurant and bar business owners, the gap is wide between the desire to start a business and actually taking an order. Andrés Ozzuna of Wooden Table Baking explains how they took the leap to start their business.


The Business Side of Things

In this episode, JoJo Soprano of Parry Restaurant Group shares insights on all of the financial and legal considerations a new restaurant business owner needs to undertake when opening a restaurant.


Choosing and Changing Your Prices

Defining your menu prices often goes hand-in-hand with identifying target customers. Stephanie Rich, owner of Verdine in Houston, TX, shares how to set menu item prices to attract the customers you want, and adjust for supply chain issues.


Starting An Online-First F&B Business

Digital-first businesses rose in popularity during the last couple of years as F&B professionals started ghost kitchens out of their homes and held food pop-ups in closed restaurant spaces. A delivery and pickup only business model has a lot of advantages. In this episode of Tipped we hear from Warren Satchell of Harlem Biscuit Company, who started a digital-first F&B business from their garage — and succeeded.


Training, Managing, and Retaining Staff

With F&B businesses facing staffing shortages, finding, training, and retaining restaurant staff is at the top of every owner’s mind. Devin Osborne of Fatback’s BBQ in Quincy, IL answers questions on how to find and retain staff.


Connecting The Dots with Technology

In this episode of Tipped, Bryan Solar, GM of Square for Restaurants and Lior Koren, product lead for Square for Restaurants share their top tips for how an omnichannel approach to restaurant automation can help businesses tackle the issues the industry is dealing with, without sacrificing customer experience and growth.


Expansion and Opening Multiple Locations

Expanding your business these days comes with some much different challenges than in the past. From one location to two, from one concept to another, from a brick-and-mortar to an online store or the reverse, there isn’t one formula to follow and each has their pros/cons. In this discussion, Dieter Seelig of Craft + Carry shares tips on how to approach expanding your operations.